Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Main Music Conference Virginia Beach, VA Summary -By Jamal M. Gainey

<pHere's a brief rundown and personal thoughts of the event.</p>

<p>There were a panel of repesentatives from all four corners of the music industry. They were there to answer question about the business side of the industry and to help shed some light on rumors lingering around the music business. Out of the 15 panelists, only four, in my opinion, were truly relevant to educating everyone on what it really takes to survive in the industry. One person stood out the more than the others in my eyes. Her name is Wendy Day.</p>

<p>[Wendy Day(born 1962) is an American entrepreneur, writer, and founder of Rap Coalition, the not-for-profit entity created to protect artists from exploitation in the music industry. The advocacy group arms rappers with the tools needed to succeed in the music industry, by way of free conferences and panels.</p>

<p>Day has been instrumental in the development of several well known rap music stars and labels, including Do Or Die, Twista, Cash Money Records, C-Murder, David Banner, BloodRaw, and Eminem. She allowed Eminem to compete in the Rap Coalition's Rap Olympics, which turned out to be his big break because he caught the attention of Dr. Dre.]</p>

<p>Her resume speaks for itself. She answered questions the other panelists could not answer. Especially, the question I had asked about the 360 Record Deals. (Go to <a href=""></a> to learn about it) Wenday Day is as relevent to independent hiphop as the movement itself. Check her bio and see for yourself.</p>

<p>The attedendance for this event was very shocking. I could count everyone in the room. There were at east 40-45 visitors. Over a third of the visitors were not from Virginia. How can an event like this not pull in local artists, producers, etc.? Easy: lack of communication, lack of awareness, little to no unity. It did not help that the local big name DJs were bashing the local artists without giving them a positive outlook towards the craft. That is a no no. I had let it be known that I was there to network and locate other artists so I can build a strong foundation for them to start a true movement. I was left with 5 words by 3 or more local famous artists, "Good luck with that S#*T!"</p>

<p>Overall, if you were paying attention to the event, you walked out with two things: either you're ready or you're not. Simple!</p>

<p>This is J. Gainey of Side B Radio signing off. Stay True and Stay Up!!! <br/>