Sunday, September 30, 2012


Rappers come and go, Emcees exsist in the few, but Bboys live on forever. Skrewtape is the Bboy/Emcee that can rip apart your recording booth like a sick storm that just keeps going. He has a style and flow that can balance all the late 80's/ early 90's Emcees with todays approach and a glance of tomorrow's verdict. In other words, Skrewtape is way ahead of any game. From tracks with independent legends like El Da Sensei, Liggy Long, Thirstin Howell The III, Tame One, etc. he has no problem holding his own. His album Mushroom Cloud: Elevated is crazy!
If you believe in the movement of independent artistry, then there's no question about believing in Skrewtape. Check him out below!!!


A-$harp is as important to independent artists as a diamond head needle is to vinyl. Brick City, Nu Jeruz's lone star general of the concrete groove. $harp's production mirror his turntablism to where both can set off any party the right way. He's one of the most gifted and talented DJ/Producers I know. A-$harp is widely known for The A-List Mixtape Volumes: His reume is too long to list. Check out some of his work below. Enjoy!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

BeatPete Mixtapes keeps it moving!!

BeatPete - Vinyl Session # 2 - 7'inch Edition

BeatPete - Vinyl Session # 2 - 7'inch Edition from BeatPete on Vimeo.

Artist/Producer Champ The Poet Sets IT Off Correctly

Be on the lookout & ready for Until Liberty Falls from Slam Champion Champ The Poet. Album available on iTunes October 2nd.

Check him out in action below!!



Ohio Produces Another Gem: Grey Market's Debut

Ohio's own Grey Market makes their album dubut. The 14 track disc is packed to the roof with that head nodding, neck snapping, stink face funky groove while talking to you the way the Emcees of another era used to do. Production is by Don Johnson (Picture: center) who knows his stuff.  Emcee's Wes Hunter & Brandon Ashcraft are very crafty with word play and delivery. Grey Market brings a complete balance to the ears and minds. I highly recommend this album to be placed on auto repeat & auto select. It's Just That Damn Tuff!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BeatPete: The Vinylologist!

It is rare to see DJ's hold it down with true vinyl. Germany's BeatPete spins the rare grooves from the soul. His selections are amazing. When I think of DJs that can pull it off just right, I think of Milton Fakondo, Latebloomer, or King I. Shabazz. BeatPete has an arsenal of mixtapes that I can say are definate collector items. His style is smooth and very professional. Check the brother out!!

BeatPete - Vinyl Session # 1 from BeatPete on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BiggzBeatz Reppin' For VA To The Fullest!

My right hand man! My Ace Boon Coon! Biggz is one of the most sought after producer/engineer in the game. He has an ear like no other for his brand of production. CEO of Black Vinyl Recordings, Biggz's has a clientel list all over VA and various areas of the south. He's a master at pitch & frequency sounds. He is the man behind my production. If you're ever in the Hampton Roads area make sure you hit up BiggzBeatz!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Real Wolfgang: A True Maestro

Wolfgang The Conductor is a one man symphony who can create sounds and vibes that are truly original. He's the dude nextdoor who always stays in his lab formulating some nuclear beat expirement. He has a very distinct style and flavor that is impossible to ignor. Wolfgang gets it in!!

Liz Cisco: Doing It the Junk Jerz Way

Emcee/Photographer: Liz Cisco is one of the illest females to bless the mic. She holds any set down like a champ along with her Junk Jerz brethren. Liz can set it off or finish any track with wreckless abandonment. Her flow, delivery, and timing is unique while maintaing a strong sense of character and substance within a song. Junk Jerz Stand Up!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dope Track: Wes Hunter (Grey Market) - "Asylum"

Sick Track From Brother Seamus : Cookie Heads

Beat No.980 Duke Ellington's Mood Indigo (JMG's Remix)

The UK's Secret Agent: Matchstick

Greg "Matchstick" Hodge is an Emcee/Producer who muscles a track like 10 bullies invading a band camp! He's part of that elite UK unit Tetonic Plates. Match and his team are true veterans on both the mic and the boards. Its time for the world to see that hiphop is still alive. It's big in the UK!!

Expo and Skrew - Another Day (Official Video)

Pryme Prolifik X Rich Mahogany - Bath Salt (Prod. By Pryme Prolifik)

Shu Melody Beats - Protection For The Weak (Instrumental)

Mo Beatz Instrumentals


Jaze Baqti - It Don't Mean A Thing

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sick Tracks

New Album from Writer Jones
Available on iTunes & Sound Click
This Album is tough from begining to end. With production from yours truly(J. Gainey), Champ The Poet, Scaryhour, Swayboogie, and S.A.U.S.E. Writer Jones is the truth and he will blow your mind into another realm of intellegence you did not know exists.

Sample with production by J. Gainey
I Am Still Hip Hop

If You Didn't Know, Now You Do: Dready Mercury

Dready Mecury is nothing short of dope. Her timing is impeccable when it comes to her tracks. She uses combinations of samples, sounds & drums to create her own style of groove. DM can put it down with the best of them. She knows how dig for that sound that will reach your soul. Another Jersey standout!!

Roads Art: Grade "A" Certified!!

Roads Art is by far not your average producer. He has a natural ear for sounds and arrangements. Roads can deliver a track right to your face with his heavy kicks, or put a smooth piece right at your feet. I truly enjoy his work and craftsmanship. A true beatsmith with a versatile touch for any emcee or listener.

The Beatnerd From The Bricks

Pryme Suspect In Rotten Garden!

Pryme (prime):  of the first importance; demanding the fullest consideration;
of the greatest relevance or significance;
of the highest eminence or rank..

Prolifik (prolific):producing in large quantities or with great frequency; highly productive; characterized by abundant production...

Producer & Emcee with true balnce
The name speaks for itself. His production will make you snap your neck so hard you'll have to stand upside down to keep from drooling. A relentless hustler on the boards. PP's pace is sickening to weak ass speakers or headphones. His music is strictly for the system. Another one of Jersey's finest

The French Assasin: Jaze-Baqti

If Blue Note Records & CTI Records gave birth you would have Jaze Baqti. At such a young age he's by far one of the most gifted producers I have ever heard. His slick cool style of producing and arranging is breath taking. Jaze's approach to format, substance, and sound sets him apart from his peers. I guarantee the brother will make you forget about whats going on in the world and reflect with good thoughts by way of his work.

Shu Melody: Russia's Secret Weapon!

Shu Melody is a rare gem. Hailing from Surgut, Russia he is truly a student of the craft. His production and remixes are off the charts. Shu lives outside the box where others refuse to travel and venture. Extremely versatile in all aspects of creating good music. I am proud to call him my brother from the other side.

Triple Threat In One!!

What can be said about a gifted Poet, Writer, & Producer? Speechless! Champ The Poet hits us straight out of Newport News, VA. He has won countless Slams and has appeared on radio up and down the east coast. This brother posses a rare triple threat for the masses. His production is sick to the soul. His lyrical play is rediculous as he hits every word in the thesaurus. Champ is a freak of nature and his work compliments the thoughts in back of our minds.


Mo Beatz: 'Nuff Said!!

If you have never heard of Mo Beatz than you are a ways behind in time. Cut from a rare cloth of geniusness, Mo Beatz clientel is a whose who of Emcees. Like ODB(WuTang) MB has no father to his style. He combines rare samples and sounds combine with sick percussion. All I can say for this NYC resident (by way of Lagos, Nigeria) is CHECK HIS RESUME!!!

Base Bronson's Mind Kicks!!

Base Bronson hits the scene right out of Jersey. Mostly known as an Emcee, he matches is mic skills with production. He's as serious about the craft as serious can get. Check his beat project on the web called Sware Da God.. It's crazy!!!

The Rebirth Of Kool!! Latebloomer

Latebloomer is a true producer's producer. He's an advent record collector who knows music as well as anyone in the field. His craft in production can be compared to the smooth jazzy sounds of the early 90's blended with that special ingredient from todays style to call his own..

P'Town Virginia's Rising Producer Is Making Noise!!

Swayeeboogie hails all the way from VA. He's a rising producer who has an ear for authentic sounds. Check out some of his work and see why he lives up to his name.