Wednesday, October 23, 2013


If there is one thing that brings joy to my heart is an Emcee that is a student of the second element to the culture of Hip Hop. Jon Dubb originally hails from Lodi, N.J. but rests in VA Beach, VA. His lyrical skills straight forward and direct with substance and content.
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 Dubb's album is called Liquid Music. He has a wide range of tracks that hits every aspect in style associated in rap music which makes it solely diverse. Diverse is an attribute many have claimed to posses but in reality fell short. Liquid Music has legendary artists Kool G. Rap, Cappadonna, Canibus, and Nottz Raw. Also, local VA wordsmith Shane Dollar lends a few verses on a few tracks. The heavy boom bap tracks are neck snapping bangers! The track Independently will have you bouncing hard..

Overall, this is as straight as it gets when you have a wide audience covering the four corners of Hip Hop. I look forward to hearing more projects from Jon Dubb.