Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hampton Roads area of Virginia consists of 7 cities. Somehow, someway, somewhere, someone decided to form an army of emcees and producers that have one thing in common; they all hate the robotic machine (pop rap industry). The Takeover Camp has managed to fuse 90s style hip hop with today’s flow while representing the essences of the 757 area code. I have difficulty with remembering that last group of artists that can hold their own as individuals. However, they have chosen to group as a strong presence. Takeover’s support for one another is as strong as a 16 member family living under one roof.
Takeover’s newest album, dRugZTape2, solidifies their place in VA’s hip hop. Equipped with tight production from MNTLPLX, SwayeeBoogie (TPA), ScaryHour (TPA), & sick beatsmiths from the camp, the lyricists had no choice but to bring it. They did just that!!!! Takeover Emcees Quamin, Fame P, Jern, Vic Spliff, Steve Be, Omega Redd, Soulsun, Leck, Mike Mo, Dei Majah, King Apocalypse, ManWhut, Leaf Qwembi, Trot, & Rap. They’re all as sick as they came. This album is a MUST HAVE!!

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