Monday, October 1, 2012


Remember the first time you bought your first tall can of malt liquor? After you opened it you took that first sip. Things were never the same after that moment. You bacame hooked, addicted, and engulfed into that weekend feel good sipping on a "little something something!" Well, thats how I can describe Tone Liv's sound. Very distinct and addictive. The Tall Can General is that dude everybody wants on their track. He lives in the booth with a mic in one and and a tall can in the other with his lyrics floating around in thin air. One Trenton's true Representatives, Tone is no joke to scene. He's also part of that gifted unit Remarkable Mayor along with mic verteran B-Stilt. Just type Tone Liv on any search engine and you'll see why he's addictive to the ears. Plain & simple: TONE LIV'S THAT DUDE!!!

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