Monday, October 15, 2012


 Half Man, Half Soul Shaker!! Divine Drummah is a Producer/DJ that comes around once in a lifetime. His style of production is unmatched by the truck loads. A master craftsman on sounds, beats, samples, & arrangements, Divine is a one man force who has destroyed many beat battles over the years.

He is Trenton, N. J.'s ultimate representative wherever he and his team (Spitatainment) goes. Armed with an arsenal of vigorous beats, Divine's sound is a true soundtrack to the ever changing times of the 21st Century. His resume is longer than a 1,000 sheets of Sharman toilet paper. (GOOGLE HIM! TRUST ME!!)

As a member of the Side B Radio Family, Divine provides a freshness to the classic & independent hiphop show on 103.3 FM WPRB every Sunday from 5 - 7pm alongside Phil (Hook) Jackson. Check out his album "NEW JERSEY TRANSIT" which is an instant classic amongst producers and emcees. He has an album coming soon called "BEER, GAS & REEFER" due to drop this year.

Check out these gems below!! Hotness allday!!

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