Saturday, October 6, 2012



There will never be enough words in the world that can describe Biz Mighty. If you were to put a gun to my head to make me pick a word I'll just suck it up and tell you to shoot. Only out of respect to an Artist that can not be catagorized. His energy on the stage and in the booth is top of the line. His freestyle sessions leaves crap stains on your subconscious. What's worse? His team is as dope as he is!!! Biz Mighty is an ON THE SPOT EMCEE without no pause. Trust me when I say, he's not that dude you want to try to battle and build your reputation on.
Biz Mighty is 110% mic ripper. He lives to rock where others rock to live. If you have never witnessed a Biz Mighty show, then I suggest you go and put an APB out on the hundreds of video phones from NY to Philly cats hold near and dear in the "Dope Folder." Check out the latest album from Boogieman and Biz Mighty
Get at Biz if you want to see what HipHop Showmanship truly is!!

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