Sunday, October 14, 2012


When you are represented by Ccelli Ccel, inner cypher with the legendary Jakk Frost, holding mixtapes down hosted by Benja Styles and DJ Nophrillz, and can pack a house on any given must be something special!!!

 Rich Quick is serious about his craft. He can switch a flow in the middle of a phrase qicker than Alan Iverson's '98 crossover. Rich maintains a certain balance whenever he's performing, which is seldom seen since the 90s. A true student of the genre and, by far, a gifted lyricist/Emcee!!

    A fantastic presence wherever he plants his feet. People are drawn to him in such a positive way. Rich Quick surrounds himself with gifted folks that believe in him. That my friends is one of the aspects of being an Artist and staying true to your craft!

Rich Quick "Magnetic (Freestyle)" OFFICIAL VIDEO

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