Friday, October 5, 2012


There are very few cats that can hold it down by promoting their own label's work while putting other artists on board with an avenue to express themselves through pure creativity. GMoney's the man for the job. CEO/Artist/Producer/ Video Director at Payroll Records & Spittaz Magazine. He has a true passion and big heart for his craft, but in the same breath GMoney has lyrically crushed many of those who have dared to approach he and his team. His style is straight to the point Emceeing. GMoney can attack a beat on cue at any given time.

A true hustler of the game, GMoney knows the true essence of survival and strives to continue that traditional CMD (Camden, N.J.) brand of hiphop. Check out his 50 plus videos and tracks on YouTube & DatPiff. Dopeness to the brother who wears many hats in the movement!!

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