Monday, October 1, 2012


If Mr. Magic's Rap Attack (RIP) or Kool DJ Red Alert & DJ Chuck Chillout were ever to replicate their shows that brought the essence of hiphop to the masses, they would've had to put Mr. Fickle into a constant rotation. Everything about the Emcee/Producer/B'Boy is off the charts. Arguably one of the most versatile Emcees on record and on stage. He's one of those Jersey cats that you really don't want to follow after he rocks the mic. A veteran master of using his vocals as another instrument when dropping sick gems on tracks. Check out his album HIPHOP NERD available on
He's one part of the legendary B'boy Academy which hails from Camden, N.J. Mr. Fickle has been on tour with Venomous 2000, Da Bo Bake, and many performances from here to Canada.  Check out his channel featured on YouTube:
I've seen the future! Cats sitting on the bus or train reciting word for word Mr. Fickle's "911" featuring Locke.
Below is a small example of Mr. Fickle's work:

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